The Fetch! Pet Care Way

At Fetch! Pet Care®, we believe The 5P’s are at the heart of making our brand successful:


  • Franchisees… we are involved with each other and present in the community
  • Pet Care Providers (dog walkers/pet sitters) and Coordinators (dispatchers)… our #1 brand ambassadors, we train and educate our Pet Care Providers and Pet Care Coordinators and recognize their accomplishments
  • Clients… we make life easier for them and alleviate their guilt. We are trusted and accountable to care for their pets, home and property
  • Franchise Support Center… the Franchisee is our customer and we are here to support them


  • Pets are an integral part of families and deserve the best care possible
  • We are educated and experienced about best pet care practices
  • We believe pets improve the lives of people


  • Franchisees invest time and energy and should be rewarded for that effort
  • The Franchisor is successful when the Franchisees are successful
  • Both the Franchisor and Franchisee must balance available resources for the brand to grow


  • As a brand, Fetch! Pet Care is involved in the community (charitable causes, events, being there when issues arise, personally interviewing Pet Care Providers, etc.)
  • The service we provide is important to our client and their pets; they rely on us to do what we say we are going to do
  • We care for and support other people – Franchisees, Clients and Pet Care Providers, Franchise Support staff; we invite everyone to be a part of the Fetch!® Culture


  • We think caring for pets is fun
  • We love our job so much that it doesn’t feel like work
  • Life is more enjoyable when we are engaged with clients, pets and each other

Work with Dogs, Not Like a Dog!

Fetch! Pet Care will help you start and operate a pet care business with our brand, technology and support, so you can hit the ground running. The Fetch! Pet Care Client Concierge Center handles client calls and Pet Care Provider scheduling so you can focus on building the business. Your job will be to recruit, educate, and motivate your team who will perform the pet care assignments. Your most important role is to be known in the community, by those who want the best for their pets, as the person they can trust for their pet care needs. Your investment along with our logistics support, technology, and proven systems is the winning combination to help you to reach the growth potential you desire.

It’s a Winning Combination

You and your pet sitting team will brighten the lives of pets every day, providing less stress and peace of mind for pet parents. Our training will cover all aspects of your business, including operations, sales, marketing, human resources, legal, accounting and so much more to help ensure you’re always running a top-notch operation. And you’ll get ongoing support from our professional staff and other franchisees.